Our Vision, Mission and Values represent our Aspirations, our Goals and the organisational Values we embrace collectively to define our purpose and workplace culture.

Our Vision

Southcare will be a leading agency that provides health care, well-being and capacity building programs and services to support people in need in the community.

Our Mission

To offer caring services to residents of the community, assisting them to enhance their quality of life.

Our Values

Strive to achieve excellence and best practiceTreat everyone equally and not impose your beliefs on other people; ‘accept rather than tolerate’ people’s differences.Do what you know is ‘right and just’ even when no one is looking.Listen and try to understand and help each other in ‘big or little’ ways.Understand the person’s situation and their feelings without judgement.

Living our Values

In 2013, with staff wide participation, we identified a representative behaviour against each of our 5 Values, to achieve a common understanding of what each value means for us collectively. We are proud that inherent in these values, staff identified qualities of excellence, best practice, acceptance, honesty, listening, understanding, helping and no judgement.

We live and celebrate our Values at Southcare in everyday conversations, workplace training and inductions and through the annual Southcare Values Awards where staff have the opportunity to nominate other staff who demonstrate outstanding practice of these values.

Southcare’s Values Champions 2015 – Southcare congratulates our 2015 Southcare Values Champions for contributing to a workplace and service culture of caring and excellence.


Southcare’s 2015 Living the Southcare Values Award recipients with Southcare CFO, Enda Fahy

Back row (from left to right): Janne (Community Support Worker), Rachel (Community Support Worker), Michael (Gardener), Jennifer (Community Support Worker), CFO Enda Fahy, Denyce (Business Services Officer), Peter (Volunteer, Mankara), Kathleen (HCP Coordinator), Yook Lin (Payroll & HR Officer)

Middle row (from left to right): Kanthi (Community Support Worker), Catherine (Community Support Worker), Shila (HACC Coordinator), Hannah (Community Support Worker), Carol (Volunteer, Office), Rebecca (Assistant HCP Coordinator)

Front row (from left to right): Sue (Senior Support Worker), Erlinda (Community Support Worker), Karen (Community Support Officer), Diane (Reception Officer)


Southcare’s Values Champions 2014 – Southcare congratulates our 2014 Southcare Values Champions for contributing to a workplace and service culture of caring and excellence.

Southcare Values Award Winners

Southcare’s 2014 Living the Southcare Values Award recipients with Southcare CEO, Dr Nicky Howe

Back row (from left to right): Carol (Volunteer, Office), Denyce (Senior Administration), Margaret (Volunteer, Op Shop), CEO Dr Nicky Howe, Yook Lin (Accounts), Trish (Accounts), Faye (Volunteer, Day Centre), Betty (Community Support Worker)

Front row (from left to right): Larry (Community Support Worker), Anita (Day Centre Manager), Kathleen (Community Support Officer), Maree (Volunteer, Southcare Food Store)

Not Pictured: Elliott (Community Support Worker), Janice (Community Support Worker), Erlinda (Community Support Worker) and Sandee (Volunteer, Community Visitors Service)