Southcare Heroes

Hero… a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Helen Moore

Helen was a founding member of the original community group which had the foresight to develop services to enhance the lives of families in need in the South Perth area since 1982.  Helen worked in a voluntary capacity with Southcare, and has worked tirelessly to promote and support Southcare and Southcare customers.

Over the years Helen has volunteered in Emergency Relief, reception, events, and has been the Board Secretary since Southcare incorporation in 1982.

Helen was able to provide guidance on the purpose, values and strategy of Southcare and has had the ability to align staff, volunteers and the key leadership teams with Southcare’s mission. Her dedication is an expression of her faith and commitment to Southcare.  Helen has been at the centre of the decision making process and used her influence to convince others of the need to lend their support to the objectives of Southcare.

Helen has been Southcare’s longest standing volunteer, who demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Leadership – guidance and direction
  • To be a good listener – compassion, curiosity, dignity, respect and compassion
  • To have a sense of humour
  • Trustworthy – been ethical, and behaving in a consistent and fair manner
  • Professional – working with high personal and business standards and ethics
  • Reliable – dependable, genuine, sound, valid and true
  • Being a team player – reliable and consistent
  • Take initiative – ability to begin or to follow though energetically with a plan or task

Each year we give ‘Helen Moore Leadership and Service Award’ to a volunteer who practices these same attributes. Through this award Helen’s legacy of volunteering is carried forward into the future.

Join me in listening to a small part of Helen’s Story.

Garry Gower

Garry joined Southcare in 2002 in the role of Aboriginal Family Support Coordinator. This role sees Garry work with people who present with a range of issues including family relationship disputes, social isolation, physical or mental health, parenting, financial hardship, grief and loose and housing.

Garry supports people through face to face meetings, telephone and on-line support and offers information, practical advice and assistance, counselling and support, advocacy and referral to other services.

Men’s Group
Garry works with the Moorditj Keila men’s group each Friday and implements a range of activities aimed at developing life skills and coping strategies. When you listen to Garry’s story you will hear how he implemented a programs to support men’s personal development and increase their self-esteem. One he speaks about is voluntary gardening program that helps families in need whilst also support the men in the group through inter-generational mentoring.

Southcare and Moorditj Keila

Garry is one of the founders of the South Perth Aboriginal community group Moorditj Keila (meaning happy healthy dolphin). This name was given to the group by Native Title holder and local elder Mrs Dorothy Winmar of Manning.  The dolphin is significant to Aboriginal people for the Canning and Swan River areas adjacent to the City of South Perth.  The Moorditj Keila group is committed to building healthy relationships and promoting safe and happy lives for Aboriginal children, youth, women, men and the family unit.

Moorditj Keila is the umbrella group for the Moorditj Yorgas (Women’s) Danjoo Wangkanining group and Marmans (Men’s) group, working collaboratively with Southcare’s Aboriginal Family Support Services and relevant stakeholders in developing and supporting an holistic health and well-being service for Aboriginal people.

Join me in listening to a small part of Garry’s Story.