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Our Purpose

Southcare is a Perth based not-for-profit organisation offering aged care, home care and community services to assist you to stay in your own home.

Vision, mission and values of Southcare

Southcare’s vision, mission and values represent the aspirations and goals of the organisation to help support seniors to remain independent in their own homes and communities. Our vision is to be the provider of choice for aged care services in our area and the best-in class in our sector. We seek to be a leading agency that provides home care assistance, health care, well-being and capacity building programs and services to support people in need in the community. This vision allows us to achieve our mission of empowering people and enriching lives. To do this, Southcare offers caring services to the residents of the local community, assisting them to enhance their quality of life.

In order to uphold our vision and mission, Southcare operates under a set of values. Our values are:

  • Quality: Strive to achieve excellence and best practice.
  • Respect: Treat everyone equally and not impose your beliefs on other people; ‘accept rather than tolerate’ people’s differences.
  • Integrity: Do what you know is ‘right and just’ even when no one is looking.
  • Cooperation: Listen and try to understand and help each other in ‘big or little’ ways.
  • Empathy: Understand the person’s situation and their feelings without judgement.

Upholding Southcare’s values

Every day our staff and volunteers seek to behave in line with our values. To achieve a common understanding of what each value means for us collectively, we have identified what those values look like in action as outlined above.

We live and celebrate our values at Southcare in everyday conversations, workplace training and inductions and through the annual Southcare Values Awards. At the awards, staff and volunteers are acknowledged for ‘Living the Southcare Values’ that contribute to a workplace and service culture of caring, being inclusive and achieving excellence. To further maintain our values in the workplace, Southcare holds quarterly staff Spirit Days. This event is designed to build Southcare spirit by honouring past and present Southcarers and by celebrating the individual and team achievements we have made.

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