Past to present

Past to present

Starting in 1982, Southcare has grown from a small group of 20 volunteers into a leader of aged care and community services in the Perth Metropolitan Area.

History of Southcare

Southcare first opened its doors to the people of South Perth on April 6th 1982. The organisation was formed as the result of the dreams and ideas held by a group of caring individuals within the community for almost a decade.The small but determined group of some 20 volunteers began helping people in need in the local area by providing emergency assistance in the form of baby blankets and food hampers. Members of nearby churches then recommended the formation of a senior citizen’s centre, Meals on Wheels and sporting facilities to bring the community together and assist those in need. At its core, Southcare was established by a team of dedicated and caring people seeking to make a difference to the lives of the people within their community. Their passion for delivering quality, respectful and empathetic care still lives on in our values today.

Southcare today

Today, our organisation has grown immensely and we now provide a diverse range of government and community funded services in aged care, Aboriginal family support, home care assistance, financial counselling, emergency relief, community amenity and professional leadership training. We also partner with other community organisations, foundations and universities for research, resource sharing and collaboration to help build the capacity of the aged care and community not-for-profit sector. By collaborating with nearby organisations, we help keep the community spirit strong. Community is an important aspect of Southcare and we believe strong communities create strong people.

In the spirit of our tradition, volunteers hold a very special place in our organisation. Volunteers are a vital aspect of our team as they assist us to provide valuable services in the community alongside our staff.
To further maintain tradition and as a mark of respect to the way it all began for us over 37 years ago, we still provide emergency relief to those in need in our community, this grounds us and helps keep alive the strong spirit of Southcare and its founders.

For more information Southcare can be contacted on 0861173050.

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