Accessible Housing for Aged and Dependent People – Your Questions Answered

Southcare’s Vision is to be the provider of choice for aged care services in our area and best in class in our sector. As an award winning organisation we are committed to Empowering People and Enriching Lives. We achieve this through working in line with our values of Quality, Respect, Integrity, Cooperation and Empathy

Our purpose is to support seniors to stay comfortable in their own homes and communities and we recognise that as people age, home and community are central to wellbeing. Southcare continues to work towards our strategic goal of providing accommodation, care and support to aged and dependent people. We are developing our sites on both sides of Bickley Crescent (between Pether and Manning Roads) to create a community precinct and apartment lifestyle for local people. In this highly-anticipated development, we aim to support residents to live well through being connected to high quality care available in their own stylish home. We plan to have an exceptionally picturesque cul de sac, café and community centre that supports people to keep living well and safely in their own home whilst remaining linked to the community.  We understand people want to:

  • Stay in their own community
  • Live independently, not in an institution
  • Own their own home and leave an inheritance
  • Live close to facilities (shops, public transport)
  • Age in place and not have to move again for health reasons
  • Be safe, part of life in the area, financially prudent and free from major expenses
  • Lock-up and leave
  • Have access to care and support services when they need it.

As a community based not-for-profit, we are here to address the emerging needs within the community and in turn provide a range of products and services and resources designed to help people.

The community benefits of this development include:

  • Addressing a shortage of appropriate diverse housing for aged and dependent people. This development will provide accessible places for people and will meet universal design principles and best practice in building accessible places. Universal design supports an approach to building and house design that caters to the needs of people with all abilities in the community.
  • Housing is a key issue in the creation of safer more connected communities. This development recognises housing and its importance to the welfare and wellbeing of aged and dependent people.
  • Streetscape, café and community centre will facilitate community development, engagement, capacity building, social inclusion and psychological wellbeing.
  • Local community members will have access to local services.
  • Ensures aged and dependent people maintain their asset (their home), minimise change and provides a lower cost of living.
  • As an aged care specialist, Southcare will be able to support people as they age in their own home. Key benefits include safety, maintaining independence, reduced risk of illness, familiarity and comfort, proximity to their loved ones, public transport and local amenities.