Southcare has been a part of the local community in Manning and its surrounding suburbs for over 35 years.

It is Southcare’s Vision to be the provider of choice for aged care services in our area and best in class in our sector.

To continue to deliver our mission of supporting those in need in the community  we have secured approval to build 82 aged and dependant apartments, a community centre and café so that seniors can live comfortably within their own stylish apartment knowing Southcare provides in home high quality care and support services

The proposed Southcare development will be located on both sides of Bickley Crescent between Pether and Manning Roads. Listed below are the most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that we have received relating to the requirement and purpose of the development.

Q & A

How Did the Development Come About?

In 2011 Southcare worked with Curtin University and two consultants to undertake research into the needs within the local community. It was determined that the site in conjunction with Southcare’s future strategy offers a considerable opportunity to provide a significantly increased amount of much needed accommodation and care to a greater amount of local residents.

Background information that informed the research outcomes is as follows:

The Population of the City of South Perth

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data 2011 revealed the following selected information:

The population of the City of South Perth local government area (LGA) exhibits a higher concentration of people over 55 years of age than compared to the Perth Metropolitan area, with an increasingly larger gap in concentrations of those over 65 and 75 y ears of age; and the concentration of people over 55 years of age living within the City of South Perth LGA has increased from 22.3% of the total population in 2001 to 25.5% in 2011 (compared with Perth; 20.4%  in 2001 to 23.6 % in 2011).

Who Needs Assistance?

The number of females over 50 years of age with a need for assistance living within the City of South Perth LGA increased from 377 in 2006 to just under 800 in 2011 (an increase of 110 per cent). In the same period, the number of males over 50 years of age with a need for assistance decreased from 797 in 2006 to 397 in 2011. However, the total change reflects a 43 percent increase in the need for assistance in those over 50 years of age; and the areas within the South Perth region which contain the highest numbers of people with a need for assistance in 2011 were Manning, Waterford, St James and Wilson.

Housing Tenure

The population of the City of South Perth (LGA) exhibits a higher concentration of people who rent accommodation from a State Housing Authority or church and community groups than metropolitan Perth; and the concentration of people living in the City of South Perth (LGA) who rent accommodation from a church, housing cooperative or community group increased from 0.35% in 2001 to 0.59% in 2011. During the same period, State Housing Authority rentals in South Perth decreased.


How does the Southcare development align with the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Directions 2031 and Beyond?

Directions 2031 and Beyond is a spatial planning framework; a high level strategic plan that establishes a vision for future growth of the Perth and Peel region, and provides a framework to guide the detailed planning and delivery of housing, infrastructure and services necessary to accommodate that growth. Directions 2031 advocates for a ‘connected city’ model, which amongst other features is characterised by:

  • Promoting a better balance between greenfield and infill development;
  • Planning for an adequate supply of housing band land in response to population growth and changing community needs; and
  • Facilitating increased housing diversity, adaptability, affordability and choice.

Directions 2031 identifies that a target of 47% of new residential development should be infill development.

Southcare Site

The proposed development site was identified in Directions 2031 and Beyond Report as being within the ‘Central’ sub-region where infill residential development and re-development should be promoted. With respect to Residential Aged Care, under Section 7.4.4, the Strategy identifies:

While the ageing population is likely to increase demand for aged care services over the next 20 years, supply from the private sector is declining due to rising costs associated with construction, difficulties in securing suitable parcels of land and funding constraints.

Providing aged care accommodation is therefore considered highly consistent with the intent of Directions 2031, to accommodate an aging population and provide density within the existing urban area.

Development Application Update

Development Application Progress

  1. Development Application submitted to the City of South Perth July 2017
  2. City of South Perth planning officers assessed application and recommended approval in the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP), October 2017.
  3. Special Council meeting held 25th October 2017 .This provides the opportunity for people to make deputations either for or against the development. Five people spoke against the development
  4. Southcare’s application was considered by the JDAP on the 31st October 2017. The application was refused on the following grounds:
    • Notwithstanding the zoning of the land and the absence of some, if not all, controls on development of this land now contained in Town Planning Scheme No. 6, the proposed development represents an overdevelopment of the site.
    • The amenity impact on surrounding single residential development, including the proposed level of landscaping, traffic generation, anticipated parking in Pether Road, and the visual bulk and scale of the development are not acceptable in the form presently proposed.
  1. Southcare applied to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for a review of the JDAP’s decision in accordance with Part 14 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.
  2. On the 19th December 2017, the parties to the SAT proceedings attended a mediation – at that mediation, a further mediation was set for the 16th February 2018.
  3. On the 16th February 2018 the parties to the SAT Proceedings attended a further mediation.
  4. Southcare’s application will be re-considered by the JDAP on or before the 6th April 2018.
  5. Southcare’s development application was re-considered by the JDAP on the 4th April and final orders were issued on the 27th April 2018 approving our application.
Will Southcare leave their Bickley Crescent Site?

Southcare opened its doors to the City of South Perth on the 6th April 1982, we have been on the Bickley Cres site for 35 years and have no plans to leave the site. Bickley Crescent is Southcare’s spiritual home.  It is the place where Southcare feels we belong, it is the place where we connect with those in need.

The Southcare  head office is at 53 Bickley Crescent Manning. The Building is called ‘Janet Elder House’, named after the long term volunteer Janet Elder who contributed many hours of service to Southcare. Upon her death she left a bequest and the funds were used to build the head office.

What will happen to the Community Centre and all the community groups Southcare supports through providing pro bono accommodation?

Part of the development includes a Community Centre and Café. Southcare will continue to make this available to community groups and we will also be seeking involvement on how we can make our services available to all members of the local community.