Who is Southcare ?

Southcare is a not-for-profit business providing personalised aged, home care and community services that support you to live with dignity and respect in your own home and community.


Let’s sit down together (you, your family and friends) and talk through the options and tailor a plan that respects your choices and needs.

Honest Value

We have no hidden fees and you can have services for as little or as long as you need!


Just like you, we’re local and proud to be part of the community for over 35 years.

We understand you want to stay in your own home for as long as possible. Your needs might range from light housekeeping to a support package that assists you with more complex day-to-day activities. We’re here to help.

Southcare is a not-for-profit community aged care provider, we exist to support you or your loved ones not drive profit. This enables us to provide more cost effective and flexible aged care services, for example we offer 30 and 45 minute service appointments instead of billing you for time you don’t need. This provides you with more flexibility and control.

Southcare is part of the community you live in. We can help you with simple things like continuing to shop at your regular supermarket or having coffee at your favourite cafe. We can also coordinate local services and products on your behalf, from major garden maintenance to health care providers.


What’s next?

See how to get help at home via the aged care assessment process

If you’d like some guidance about care at home, we’d love to help.
Call us 9450 6233 or complete the form below.