Aged Care Questions? Ask Nicky.

Are you considering aged care options for yourself or a loved one to stay at home?  Are you confused or not sure where to start?

Let Dr. Nicky Howe, Southcare CEO, guide you through the aged care maze and answer your questions. Nicky will help you understand the options that are available to support you or your loved ones to live independently in your own home and community.

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Free Aged Care Seminars

Do you want to know

  1. How to access aged care services in your own home?
  2. What subsidies and funding options are available to pay for these services?
  3. What services and products are available to support you in your own home?
  4. How to compare fees?

Then this free seminar if for you

Expert staff from Southcare will guide you through the ‘aged care jargon’ and answer all your questions.

They will help you understand the options that are available to support you to live independently in your own home and community.

Seminar Details

Date:Second Tuesday of Each Month
10/10/17, 14/11/17, 12/12/17
Two Sessions:10.00am or 6:00pm
Location:Southcare Central
19 Pether Rd, Manning

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Can’t make the date, prefer a private appointment or group session in your home?

We can deliver a seminar that provides information and enables people to have plenty of time to ask questions and seek advice.Simply call 9450 6233 and we’ll come to you.

Q & A

What is HACC?

Government funded services for people that require a low level of in home support i.e. assistance with domestic chores, gardening maintenance, shopping etc It’s for people with low level support needs.

What is HCP?

A Home Care Package (HCP) is a government funded support service the helps you live independently in your own home with a package of care, services and case management to meet your individual support needs. You have flexibility and choice about who delivers your care. The services are for a more complex level of  care needs; tailored to  your individual requirements and includes case management.

What are the signs I need help at home?

Some signs you might need help at home;

  • It is becoming harder to get to the store, the doctor, or other appointments.
  • You are having difficulty keeping up with the daily chores around your home such as house cleaning, changing the bed sheets.
  • You don’t have as much energy or motivation.
  • It’s getting more difficult to maintain the garden.

Getting help is a preventative measure that can keep you independent and active in your home longer.

What funding is available?

Depends on the level of care required- level 2 around $1200 per month; level 3 around $2600 per month; level 4 around $4100 per month.

We probably aren’t eligible for funding…

If you’re not on an aged pension you will be income tested. Your financial situation won’t stop you from accessing some funds for services however you will be asked to contribute to the services you receive.

What if I'm privately funded?

We can still provide home care services if your care is not subsidised by the Government. The only difference is you skip the assessment process, which means you can access services much faster.

I feel guilty taking services from people who might need it more...

You will go through a robust assessment process when accessing services therefore if you have been deemed as requiring services then you should accept the assistance because it means you will be able to remain living independently and connected to your community for longer.