Champions of Diversity Unconvention August 2016

Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards Unconvention ‘Champions of Diversity’  focused on how we explain the business case for diversity on board.

Importantly we learnt how we can implement diversity in our organisations and how the WA NFP sector can lead diversity on boards to improve business and social outcomes. The line-up was as follows:

  1. Keynote Speaker Fadzi Whande – ‘Increasing Cultural Perspectives on Boards’.
  2. Panel Discussion on ‘Increasing Diverse Perspectives on Boards’
  • Ingrid Cumming, Chief of Engagement, Codeswitch.
  • Michelle Scott, Director, The McCusker Centre for Citizenship.
  • Ross Kyrwood, CEO, YMCA WA.
  1. Panel discussion on increasing diverse perspectives on Boards with Diversity and Leadership on Boards. World Cafe discussions facilitated by ELGP Alumni and Community Partners exploring the following questions:
  • How do WA NFP organisations become a national leader in engaging and embracing diversity on boards to facilitate better business and social outcomes?
  • How do we move board directors from simply knowing or understanding the benefits of diversity to becoming active difference makers who champion diversity on boards?
  • How do we break down silos between different cultures, religions, generations and industries to facilitate innovative conversations?

Unconventions bring Board Directors, CEOs, Senior Executives, academia and young leaders together to work for better Board governance in the aged care and community sector. They are a forum to explore, debate, review and have conversations about Board governance, leadership and the inclusion of young people on Boards. ELGP participants have the opportunity to meet, network and learn from the “real-world” situations and experiences of industry leaders.

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