Southcare provides an Emergency Relief service to assist you with an immediate financial crisis. We help in a non-judgemental way that maintains your privacy and dignity and upholds your personal responsibility and choice.

The service is available to families and individuals living in the City of South Perth area which includes the suburbs of Karawara, Waterford, Manning, Como, Kensington, South Perth and Salter Point. If you live outside of these areas, we may be able to refer you to a service closer to you.

Some difficulties you may be having when you approach our Emergency Relief service include:

  • You have no food
  • You are unable to pay your electricity, gas or water bill
  • You have incurred unexpected expenses associated with school holidays, family needs or medication; and now you do not have money for food or other necessities

To access the service, you will need to call us on 9450 6233, fill in the form below or come into our office to make an appointment for a specified date. At that appointment, we can assess your needs together to determine what assistance we can give you. If your crisis is urgent, we may be able to help you immediately. We do our best to assist but sometimes there are limitations to how and how much we can help depending on our resources and your personal responsibility.

Some ways we may be able to assist you are:

  • Provide you with vouchers you can use in our food store and clothing shop; or assist you with other one-off financial and material assistance
  • Explore ways to address your financial difficulties by looking at the bigger picture with you and providing useful options and information which may help to address underlying problems to your need for assistance
  • Provide moral support and advocacy
  • Where appropriate, we may refer you on to Southcare’s Financial Counselling Service, and/or other appropriate Government and community services
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A Southcare representative will contact you within 24 hours (except weekend) to follow up your enquiry. All enquiries are treated confidentially.