Southcare offers professional leadership training programs for its staff and the Community not for profit sector with the premise that we are all Leaders in our field of influence whether we are a community support worker, a CEO or a volunteer in the organisation.

Our training programs focus on personal leadership for your own individual and professional development; and group leadership to build the capacity of the community and sector in which we work and live. They emphasise the human side of management, that we are all learners and are always learning; and that we need to be the change we want to see.

The Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program was established to inject fresh new perspectives onto aged care and community not for profit Boards to deal with the current and future challenges that face the industry.

The program is an initiative of Southcare Inc in partnership with professional Leadership Facilitator Alicia Curtis and the support of over 33 community partner organisations.

The Program consists of a leadership training course for Young Professionals (from January to May each year); and an Unconvention (workshop) series for Senior Executives of the Community Partner organisations that support the program. You can visit the program’s website here, read our latest blogs about it here and learn about the difference this program makes for its participants here.

For Young Professionals/LeadersEntry to the program is by competitive application for young professionals (under 40 years) who are keen to develop their leadership and Community Board aspirations. Applications open in October each year. Many of the Young Leaders who have participated in this program have since accepted Board internships or full Board positions.
To Be a Community PartnerWe are looking for organisations to join our coalition of over 25 Community Partners who support this program. There are many ways to contribute and make the social change we need to secure the future. To get more information about being a Community Partner, email Nicky Howe, CEO Southcare at

The Program runs annually.

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Southcare Spirit Project

The Southcare Spirit Project has recently been implemented to develop an exceptional leadership team who work towards the vision and mission of Southcare.

Our vision: To enrich the lives of as many people a possible by becoming the best-in-class NFP in WA.

Our mission: Empowering people – enriching lives.

At the core of the Project are the 7 key qualities that Southcare focuses on to enable its team to have high performing people with great morale and produce excellent results. The 7 key qualities are:

  1. Engaging Leadership: At Southcare, we develop engaging leaders who are able to connect, lead, influence, manage and inspire their people towards a positive future.
  2. Crystal Clear Strategy: At Southcare, we are crystal clear about our vision and mission, and where our team is headed.
  3. Positive Productive People: At Southcare, we develop positive productive people who have a ‘can-do’ attitude and are self-motivated, optimistic, and encouraging of others to do their job.
  4. Quality Team Relationships: At Southcare, we are a team that develops and maintains quality communication and proactively promote positive relationships.
  5. Highly Engaged Employees: At Southcare, we are a team of people who love our job and strive to achieve pre-determined goals.
  6. Excellent Teamwork: At Southcare, we build a sense of belonging, trust, mutual respect and a collective commitment to team goals.
  7. Uplifting Culture: At Southcare, we ‘lift’ each other with our thoughts, words, and actions which enables outstanding results. We acknowledge and celebrate success as a team.

With the Spirit Project, Southcare is committed to act on its mission to achieve its vision.

Service Learning

Pictured: Joseph (Left) with Southcare’s CEO Dr Nicky Howe (Right)

My name is Joseph Knox and I am a third year student at the University of Notre Dame, I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in Human Resource Management.  As part of my degree, I am required to complete an internship which I am doing at Southcare within their Human Resources Department.

The knowledge and experience I have gained from my time with Southcare I know will be extremely valuable to my ongoing studies and my future career. My time at Southcare has utilised the various knowledge and skills I have developed over the course of my degree, especially in the areas of Policy, Business Information Technology, Business Communication, Change Management and Psychology of Work. I had been given the project of consolidating the location of forms and policies as well as streamlining policy accessibility through the linking of forms to their related policies for ease of access.  My studies had prepared me for undertaking the tasks given to me throughout my internship and Southcare has provided me with unparalleled support, professional development opportunities, as well as personal development opportunities that have been crucial to my ongoing development as a business professional throughout my internship.

From my experience within Southcare I now know that I made the right choice with my studies and truly know that my passion is to work in the not-for-profit sector.

Southcare is pleased to have worked with Curtin University and the Universities of Western Australia and Notre Dame on many interesting and unique projects over the years.

We support the principle of service learning as a mutual exchange of service to provide rich learning and development opportunities to university students with a positive benefit to an organisation and community.

This year Southcare and John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) worked together over a couple of months on “A Trip to the Past”, a collage of life stories of Southcare’s clients and friends.

Southcare would like to thank JCLA students for their remarkable work in capturing the stories of our clients and friends. We loved working with you and enjoyed your enthusiasm and joie de vivre!

Pictured: JCLA and Southcare: From left: Eeshwar, Bwalya, Toto, Tracey (Southcare), Georgie (Southcare), Nikunj, Elaine, Le Qing and David