A bequest is the gift of a lifetime and a wonderful way of extending your help and touching the future lives of others in an empowering way.

Your gift to Southcare Inc. will have a direct impact on improving the lives of disadvantaged people.

It is simple to include a gift to Southcare Inc. in your Will, either by adding a codicil if you already have a will, or asking your solicitor to include it when making or revising your will.

Next step

  1. Make the decision that you would like to leave a bequest.
  2. Consider what that bequest will be cash, property, assets or a percentage of your estate.
  3. Make an appointment to discuss your decision with Southcare’s Manager Community Partnerships and Volunteers.
  4. Speak to your lawyer about including your wishes in your will.

The following wording can be used as a guide:

`I give my residuary estate or [insert percentage] % of my residuary estate OR the sum of $ [amount] OR [specified assets (such as real estate, shares, artwork, etc.)] to Southcare Inc. ABN 33 028 429 736 for its general purposes.

I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer for the time being of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors/trustees.’

This wording can be modified to reflect your wishes, but it’s important to include our full legal name, Southcare Inc., and our registered Australian Business Number (ABN).

Keeping your will up to date

Review your Will:

  • If you marry or divorce or enter or leave a de facto relationship.
  • If you have additional children.
  • If a beneficiary of your existing Will or your executor dies.
  • You purchase or sell significant assets.

Your Will is revoked (cancelled) by a later Will, or by marriage (but not by divorce). If you execute a new Will you should obtain all copies of the old Will from executors and other parties that may hold copies. Put a line through each page of the old Will and write on every page the words “Revoked by Will dated [insert date of newest Will]”

How does Southcare Inc. use bequests?

Bequests are used to ensure we provide the best possible service to our clients. We use such gifts to enhance our services and facilities in the following ways:

Offering additional services to the wider community through providing a community care centre where those in need will continue to enjoy the comfort of familiar friendly faces. Services that encourage active ageing.

  • By offering services that are not available through normal funded programs, so families and individuals are able to source services that better meet their needs in a sensitive and consultative manner.
  • By providing support to disadvantaged and low income families to enable them to have the tools to help them reconnect and become a valued member of the community.
  • To provide culturally appropriate and sensitive services for Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse people in the community, to develop their knowledge, confidence and skills and build on their strengths and effectively manage their own lives.

Further information

Please contact: Manager of Volunteers and Community Partnerships for further information on 08 94506233.

An appointment can then be made where we can discuss your wishes in complete confidence.