Short Term Restorative Care

Short-term restorative care (STRC) aims to help keep your independence at home by providing short term health-related services and in-home care.

What is Short-term restorative care?

Short-term restorative care is a government funded program aimed at assisting older Australians in regaining their independence and confidence by providing short term health-related services and in-home care. If you feel as though your wellbeing is declining, short-term restorative care can help reverse or slow the difficulties you are having with everyday tasks. The program is delivered by a team of health professionals to help you achievemanage your medical, physical, social and psychological needs. Short-term restorative care is tailored to your personal care requirements and will help you stay living independently in your own home. If eligible, you can receive short-term restorative care for up to eight weeks, twice in any 12-month period.

Am I eligible for short-term restorative care?

You may be eligible for short-term restorative care if:

  • You need help with everyday tasks
  • Your walking speed has slowed down significantly
  • You have difficulty holding or gripping objects
  • You are doing ‘less’, either physically or mentally
  • You have decreased levels of energy
  • You have experienced unintended weight loss

If you receive a Home Care Package, are receiving transition care after being in hospital or live permanently in an aged care facility, you cannot access short-term restorative care. You can however receive help from the program if you are on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or veterans services.

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