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The generous donations from our supporters ensure Southcare is able to continue to provide the highest level quality of care and support to our local community.


Thank you for your interest in donating clothes and household goods to our Mankara Op Shop. Through the sale of your donated items we are able to continue to make a difference in the lives of the hundreds of people we help each year. Your financial support enables us to provide emergency relief services. This service is managed by Duncan Edgar our Financial Counsellor who holds a degree in Social Work and is an accredited Financial Counsellor with over 26 years’ experience. When a client is assessed we did not give them cash, we provide the following based on their determined need:

  • Provision of vouchers of a fixed value for the purchase of food
  • Provision of vouchers of a fixed value for the purchase of household goods or clothing from the Southcare Opportunity Shop
  • Assistance with an outstanding account (e.g. accommodation costs, medical expenses, utility accounts). Southcare pays the account of their behalf

Please note: any donations above $2 are tax deductable.

Financial Donations

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Financial Donations

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Case Studies

The following are two case studies of the people supported through donations ( names changed for privacy reasons)

A middle-aged woman moved out of the family home due to domestic violence. She had suffered for years however her husband came home and started belting their 14-year-old son. This caused her to act – they moved (with only a few clothes) to a refuge and then she secured a Department of Housing flat. It has been hard for her to set up a home, so we gave her a voucher of $120 to purchase households goods from our Op Shop.

A grandmother whose son and daughter are both methamphetamine addicts has taken over the care of the 6 grandchildren. She is waiting to receive foster care payments so we gave her $80 to buy food.
For more information Southcare can be contacted on 08 6117 3050.

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