Southcare Spirit Project

The Southcare Spirit Project has recently been implemented to develop an exceptional leadership team who work towards the vision and mission of Southcare.

Our vision: To enrich the lives of as many people a possible by becoming the best-in-class NFP in WA.

Our mission: Empowering people – enriching lives.

At the core of the Project are the 7 key qualities that Southcare focuses on to enable its team to have high performing people with great morale and produce excellent results. The 7 key qualities are:

  1. Engaging Leadership: At Southcare, we develop engaging leaders who are able to connect, lead, influence, manage and inspire their people towards a positive future.
  2. Crystal Clear Strategy: At Southcare, we are crystal clear about our vision and mission, and where our team is headed.
  3. Positive Productive People: At Southcare, we develop positive productive people who have a ‘can-do’ attitude and are self-motivated, optimistic, and encouraging of others to do their job.
  4. Quality Team Relationships: At Southcare, we are a team that develops and maintains quality communication and proactively promote positive relationships.
  5. Highly Engaged Employees: At Southcare, we are a team of people who love our job and strive to achieve pre-determined goals.
  6. Excellent Teamwork: At Southcare, we build a sense of belonging, trust, mutual respect and a collective commitment to team goals.
  7. Uplifting Culture: At Southcare, we ‘lift’ each other with our thoughts, words, and actions which enables outstanding results. We acknowledge and celebrate success as a team.

With the Spirit Project, Southcare is committed to act on its mission to achieve its vision.