Inspire Project

The Inspire Project was a two year trial project commenced in 2010 to enhance social and community connections for young adults with high support needs in the City of South Perth and neighbouring suburbs. It was a partnership between the Disability Services Commission (DSC), Southcare and Curtin University. A total of seven young adults with intellectual disability and high support needs living within, or in a bordering jurisdiction of, the City of South Perth participated.

As well as useful research information, the project produced significant outcomes for a number of participants including major life changes. Many of them and their families reflected that participation was worthwhile. As the project came to an end, the project team did their best to ensure that the many relationships and connections made during the trial would be secured into the future.


Drinking in the Suburbs Research Project/Make or Break a Night

In July 2011 Southcare and the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) commenced a project funded by Healthways to assist in the development and conduct of specific research focused on the experiences with and around alcohol use of Aboriginal youth in the south and south-east metropolitan area of Perth. The purpose of the study was to provide a comprehensive picture of this group’s experiences in order for services to better target future health promotion for Aboriginal youth.

The results of the study highlighted the need for a youth-friendly approach to health promotion, specifically designed for, conducted by and in consultation with young Aboriginal people. Participants in this study identified what they felt made ‘health promotion sense’ to them and their ideas could serve as a guide for future health promotion projects in this area. The final report was handed over to Healthways in June 2013.