Interm Hospital Care

Interim Hospital Care

Southcare provides interim hospital packages in Perth to support patients who may otherwise stay in hospital.

What is an interim hospital package?

Interim hospital packages help provide elderly people with the support they need after a hospital visit, ensuring they have the time to recover. If you end up in hospital, interim care packages offer a range of recovery services to ensure you do not remain in hospital and are able to be discharged with confidence. We understand the recovery process is unique to each individual. We take your health, cultural background, social and family networks, personal history and preferences for activities into consideration when developing your personalised interim hospital package.

What interim hospital care does Southcare offer?

It is very important that you take care of your medical, physical, social and psychological wellbeing after visiting hospital. At Southcare, we support you with post hospital care to ensure you regain your health, confidence and independence in your own home. We can coordinate a range of services in Perth tailored to your assessed recovery needs. Services that you may receive as part of your interim hospital package can include:

  • Therapy services: physiotherapy, occupational therapy or social work
  • Nursing support: pain management, wound care or medication assistance
  • Personal care: bathing and showering, dressing or eating
  • Domestic assistance: cleaning, hanging out washing, changing bed linen

For more information Southcare can be contacted on 08 6117 3050

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