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Respite Care

Southcare aged respite care provides assistance to family carers looking after a loved one. Contact us to access the support you need with our flexible respite care options.

What is respite care?

Southcare aged respite care provides assistance to family carers who are looking after a loved one. We understand your role as a carer is very important, however everyone needs a rest from time to time. If you are the primary carer of a loved one, we can offer you support by giving you a short break to recharge yourself and do things independently. For instance, you may have an appointment to attend, an outing planned or simply need some time alone to relax.

What respite does Southcare offer?

At Southcare, we offer two types of aged respite care for carers in Perth. These are:

  • In-home care:
    We can organise a range of professional in-home aged care services to support your loved one. This may be in the form of personal care, domestic assistance or companionship. We can also take your loved one on a social outing where they can experience a range of activities. During this time, our supportive and professional care team will take care of your loved one allowing you to have your own personal time and space.
  • Social Centre care:
    Our Social Centre is a place for Southcare’s clients and their carers to meet new people, develop friendships and participate in a range of social activities. We all need to feel and be a part of our community to thrive. Our Social Centre offers a variety of activities, outings and entertainment for our clients while providing professional care for your loved one. This provides you with the personal time and space to complete your own activities.

For more information Southcare can be contacted on 08 6117 3050

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