The Story Behind Southcare’s Brand Refresh

At Southcare we are focused on the core components that drive us as an organisation – you our customers. With this is mind let us share with you the evolution of our brand refresh.

The Beginning

April 6th, 1982 was the day when Southcare opened its doors for the first time, the beginning of the visible presence of caring people within the community.

Concerned citizens from local churches and service groups accepted the challenge to assist residents, disadvantage by poverty who lived in Karawara. Assistance and support were given in the form of food parcels, clothing and blankets.  The group worked together to gain funding and to establish community services. The realisation of the dreams and ideas that many people had held for almost a decade meant they could ensure that the less fortunate in our community knew that an organisation would be there to care for them.

Thus began Southcare.

Mission Statement To offer caring services to residents of the City of South Perth and surrounding areas assisting them to enhance their quality of life.


Southcare’s logo, though it went through a slight modernisation around 2010, basic structure had been the same since the beginning.

The outer square represents the City of South Perth; the black arrows pointing inwards represent volunteers, donations, ideas and dreams; the white arrows pointing out represent the caring and concern going out from Southcare to the community and the cross, which is central in the logo and represents the major role played by local churches.

Much of this information comes from an historical record written by Audrey Francis. Audrey was the driving force in those early days and became the first coordinator of Southcare services, later the volunteer coordinator and then managed Emergency Relief.

How We’ve Grown

In addition to the original services, Southcare has expended to provide a wide range of care and community services that are funded from the various levels of government. Southcare continues to bring together paid and unpaid staff to participate in the delivery of appropriate services.

Original Services

Expanded Services


For over 35 years Southcare has progressed into an award winning and respected not-for-profit organisation which is the lifeline for many members of the community.

We have grown and embrace the diversity of our staff, customers and community.

Our main focus and purpose is to support seniors to stay comfortable in their own homes and communities.

We honour our history by continuing to offer community services, in addition to aged care, to residents of the City of South Perth and surrounding areas assisting them to enhance their quality of life.

The New Logo

The logo concept represents the connection between Southcare, people, home and community. This aligns with the current Southcare purpose and mission, and, honours the historical mission statements promise to the community.

The Logo Elements

    The roof represents home, we all want to stay in our own homes, this is the focus of Southcares’ service offering.
The people represent people coming together to form a community.

The three colours have been chosen to demonstrate diversity and represent Community, Our People and Customers.

The open circle is reminiscent of our old logo leaving an opening “representing volunteers, donations, ideas and dreams” to come into the organisation.

The three people are also reminiscent of our old logo “represent the caring and concern going out from Southcare to the community” however now joined together demonstrating how we have grown to a respected organisation where community, volunteers, staff and customers work together to care for each other.

The hand represents support and care. This symbolises Southcare supporting the community.
 The Southcare wordmark has remained unchanged. This was to retain a part of the current logo to honour our history.

Note: You may still see the old logo until later in 2017. We are slowly rolling out the new logo so, using up existing brochures for example, to avoid wastage and unnecessary expense. If you have any feedback or questions we would love to hear from you.

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