Say hello to the caring hands and green thumbs of Ned (left) and Stuart (right) who are helping breathe new life into our gardens around our Manning offices and helping each other in the process too.

You see, Ned is being mentored by Stuart, and together they are forming a budding partnership, all while planting bulbs, buds and blooms of course!

Stuart has volunteered at Southcare for many years and has been looking after the gardens but needed an assistant to help with some of the more physical work and the large grounds which they cover.

Enter Ned, who has joined Southcare in a part-time role while he completes his high school studies to help Stuart on and has hit the ground running.

“This is hands on work, which I love and it’s great to see my hands make such a difference,” Ned says.

“I have a real passion for all aspects of gardening and am enrolled to complete a Certificate III in Horticulture at TAFE to further my skills in my chosen career.”

Ned visits Southcare twice a week, including during school hours with approval from his teachers.

“Nothing beats real-life experience and being mentored is such a bonus as I am learning so much,” Ned says.

“Stuart drives us to garden centres for supplies, we choose plants together and come back to the office to plant and maintain them”.

Another bonus is that Ned lives local, like us.  “It is a great fit for me, doing a job that I love and want a career in and of course helping the community I call home.”

Green thumbs up, Ned and Stuart!  Keep on blooming!

Got caring hands and want to join us?  Apply today!