“There’s nothing like having your hair done to make you feel amazing about yourself!” …. such are the wise words of Southcare Star Anna who indulges in a weekly hot roller curl and set at a friend’s home salon. 

“I have been seeing the same hairdresser for 40 years now, she has become like a daughter to me and welcomes me into her home every week,” Anna says. 

 “She always does such a wonderful job and makes me feel great. 

“Of course, I used to put the hot rollers in myself years ago, but my shoulder won’t let me do that anymore,” she says. 

One of the other things that Anna no longer does is drive, but – just like her hairdresser does – she warmly welcomes Southcare into her home every week to help out. 

“Stopping driving just a few months ago has really affected my independence and so it’s a real treat to be taken out regularly to have my hair done,” Anna says. 

Anna’s personal care journey began a couple of years ago when she approached Southcare as a private customer, which means she paid us direct for her weekly transport service as well as a weekly personal care service, rather than receiving a Government subsidy.  

“In the last week, I have just been assessed and approved for a home care package through the Government and so now continue to receive care from Southcare under this new arrangement. 

“It’s been a good way to get to know the carers, the office team and how they do things. That’s important to me because I want to feel safe and secure with who I welcome into my home.” 

Southcare Chief Executive Officer Enda Fahy said Anna was just one of many seniors who benefit from weekly connection and support. 

“We celebrate our seniors everyday but this Senior’s Week we are asking everyone to acknowledge and support our seniors and their active participation in community life,” Mr Fahy said. 

“One in 4 people aged over 65 live alone and many don’t have contact with anyone from one day to the next. Together we can change that statistic and connecting with a senior is as simple as picking up the phone or knocking on their door.” 

In a way, we guess you could say that the work we do is a bit like having good hair style... our service grows on you, you want our carers to be a cut above and we don’t mind the curly questions when you are doing your research to make sure you choose correctly!  

Senior’s Week runs from 12-19 November 2023. How are you celebrating our seniors?