Mr B is a father who had recently given up work to care for three children after his partner was imprisoned. He was referred to Southcare by another support service when he found himself without the funds to buy food to feed his children.

Upon attending our service, Mr B was immediately provided with assistance to purchase the goods he needed to support the family. Over the next three months, Mr B found himself short of funds for a variety of reasons such as school expenses, urgent car repairs and having to move to a new rental property.

Mr B was supported by the caring hands of an emergency relief volunteer who provided ongoing care, support and who actively listened to the father share his story as well as provided financial assistance to ensure the family were able to continue their lives in the absence of their mother.

Southcare’s Community Support team helps with emergency relieffinancial counselling and Aboriginal Family Support.  This is a real life example of a customer that we helped and names have been changed for privacy reasons.

What support do you need the most? Our caring hands are always ready to help.  Please reach out if you need.