Have you ever wondered what would happen if essential services didn’t exist? What would happen to the people that we help? What would happen to our ageing population and those vulnerable members in our community that need a helping hand to keep living independent and fulfilled lives?

It seems a strange thing to ask, but the unfortunate reality for many is that the aged care sector is under massive threat, which means those involved in receiving care are under threat, too.

“The threat stems from labour shortages; it is very real and if it is not addressed as a priority it will mean older Australians will miss out on the support and care they need,” Dr Howe said.

“Southcare supports the Australian Aged Care Collaboration’s (AACC) calls on the Federal Government to fix the aged care employment crisis.

“Working in a people-care-for-people industry, we champion the right for everyone to have access to care and support as they age. However, without the people in the workforce, our older Australians will miss out on the support and care they need,” she said.

Southcare stands united with the AACC to:

  • support aged care providers to pay a competitive wage by government formally agreeing to fund the outcome of the Fair Work Commission Work Value Case
  • incentivise nursing students to work in aged care
  • incentivise prospective care and support workers
  • offer enrolled nurses subsidies to upskill as registered nurses.
  • implement a plan for foreign workers to fill vacancies on a short and long-term basis where a local workforce is not available
  • develop Vocational Education Training (VET) pathway program for secondary school students into aged care, with a particular focus on a pathway into home care, in conjunction with State and Territory Education Departments

“The after-effects of COVID-19 are still being felt and right now it is reaching extreme crisis when it comes to essential workers,” Dr Howe said.

“While the international border closures have kept us largely protected, it has eliminated a major source of workers in aged care.

“Fortunately for us, our ongoing recruitment strategy has meant that we have not been impacted as much as other providers, with our workforce growing by 38% in the last 12 months to be able support more people in their homes.

We love being a carer and connector in our community and all Southcarers love making a difference, everyday.

As we look to the future, particularly on the eve of our 40th anniversary, we lead with confidence and creativity and never complacency.

We are constantly looking for caring hands to join the team.

If you have caring hands and want to make a difference, apply here and start making a difference, everyday.