With the news that the COVID-19 Phase 5 roll out has been delayed and no new date confirmed by the State Government, we want to remind you of Southcare’s position so you can be assured we are continuing to effectively protect and connect. 

Our priority with COVID-19 remains unchanged: we want to maximise the safety of our customers, staff and volunteers and mitigate risk of infection and risk. Thanks to our collective vigilance, we are succeeding and have zero cases. 

With the news surrounding the delay of Phase 5, Southcare will continue to:  

  •  keep our Social Centre temporarily closed  
  • continue to practice good hygiene at home and when out and about,despite social distancing no longer being in place for our customers  
  • work from home, keep limits on employee numbers in meeting rooms and office spaces and use our IT infrastructure to manage this 
  • record the details of visitors to our office, community services and the op shop. 

Southcare CEO Dr Nicky Howe said as an essential service, we continue to be guided by the Aged Care Quality Commission and are closely following the news from the State and Federal Governments. 

“What that means is we are voluntarily choosing to keep extra precautions in place compared to the wider community, particularly as we are in this state of limbo,” Dr Howe said. 

Our COVID-19 response team are following what is happening locally and nationally and we are in a good position to act quickly should the need arise.  This has been our position since day one and continues as we navigate these changing times.” 

Want to know more?  See how we are abiding by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards, see how we continue to manage COVID-19 in our COVID-19 resources hub or join the conversation on Facebook.