Friends for 20 years, Shirley and Geraldine say they always support each other.

“We live across the road from each other and met when our husbands Sam and Stan were putting up Christmas decorations outside one year,” Geraldine says.

“Together we lit up the street with inflatable Santas, reindeers, thousands of coloured lights and even a snow machine that the kids loved.”

“One thing led to another and while Sam and Stan don’t put up the decorations anymore, we all still catch up, we’re just missing a few Santas!” Shirley laughs.

This support saw Shirley refer Geraldine to Southcare after Geraldine had a stroke recently.

“We have had a great experience with Southcare and when I thought she and Stan needed help around the home, I helped! Friends support each other, remember!” Shirley says.

Great timing too as both ladies received a $100 gift card in line with our referral policy.
“I’ve bought Christmas presents with mine,” says Shirley, and Geraldine says she is “waiting for the sales”.

If you know someone who needs a helping hand, let us know and if they are a new customer to Southcare and sign a home support agreement for Commonwealth Home Support Programme or Home Care Package services with us, you will each receive a $100 gift card too!

Some terms and conditions do apply, but rest assured, you don’t need to live in the same street, or know Santa to qualify!