Retraining for a job in his 50s has given Community Support Worker Paul the best gain of his career in that he describes it as the “best job he’s ever had”.

“Being a carer is the first job I can confidently say I truly love, and I have been working since I was 18!” Paul says.

“I have done all sorts of jobs, working in factories, in casinos and doing the 9-5 routine, and at the time they were great, but this role provides another level of fulfilment.

“I get out of bed each day knowing that I am directly helping people, doing things that really make a difference, and go home at night knowing I have changed a life and how many jobs can you honestly say you do that day in and day out?” Paul says.

“I love the work so much I know this will be my last job before I retire,” he says.

As part of his journey to find his dream job, Paul signed up to complete a Diploma in Professional Counselling and Certificate III and after graduating, applied for a role with Southcare.

“I have not looked back since.”

“The Diploma took three years and the Cert III took me nine months to complete which I did part time and found many of the skills I already had were very transferable – working with people, listening, customer service and prioritising workloads, so it was a natural fit for me.

“No two days are the same – sometimes I provide social support where I go out with customers to where they want to go, it can be the shops or the chemist or a café, and other times I visit them in their home to help with personal care doing essential things like showering, dressing, and managing medications.

“Of course, you get to know the customers too, we swap stories, songs, memories and so much, that’s what makes it all so rewarding. My role is all about giving, but it is the customers who also give us so much back, too.”

A/Chief Executive Officer Enda Fahy said everyone at Southcare are helpers and everyone deserves thanks.

“Aged Care Employee Day is on 7 August and acknowledges the more than 430,000 people who care for and support around 1.5 million older Australians who receive aged care services.

“Join us and take the time to thank a carer today,” Enda says.

And Paul’s advice for others thinking of a career change: “It’s never too late to find a job you love!”
Thank you Paul, for choosing to re-train and to be a carer with Southcare.