Home Care Packages (HCP) are one of the ways in which older Australians can access support in their home to help them continue to live independently in their own community. Home Care Packages are subsidised by the government and provide in home care for those who have an increased level of care needs. Within Home Care Packages, there are 4 different levels. These are Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

Why are there different levels?

There are different levels within Home Care Packages because everyone has unique needs. Some people may require assistance with just a few tasks, while others may need more complex care. Having different levels also helps to distribute funds and ensures everyone receives the correct amount of funding for the care they require.

Level 1 – Basic care needs

If you have basic care needs, you may fall under Level 1. This means you can manage most things on your own, but you may require assistance with certain activities, such as cleaning or driving to appointments. The subsidy rates applicable to a Level 1 Home Care Package is $24.07 per day.

Level 2 – Low care needs

Low level care is designed to help you remain safe and independent by working with you to perform some harder day-to-day tasks. In most instances this assistance is provided just a few times a week. The subsidy rates applicable to a Level 2 Home Care Package is $42.35 per day.

Level 3 – Intermediate care needs

Level 3 Home Care Packages are for those who require more support to help them stay living independently. This may mean your home care worker visits numerous times a week to help you with everyday tasks, such as domestic assistance and personal care. The subsidy rates applicable to a Level 3 Home Care Package is $92.16 per day.

Level 4 – High care needs

The highest Home Care Package level is Level 4. Level 4 is designed for those who require very frequent assistance with a range of activities. Your home care worker may assist you nearly every day, and you may also require specialised in-home medical services. The subsidy rates applicable to a Level 4 Home Care Package is $139.70 per day.

How do I know which level I am?

You will need to contact My Aged Care to organise an assessment to determine your eligibility for a Home Care Package and your level of care.

There is also a significant waitlist for Home Care Packages, so it’s best to get organised sooner rather than later.

If you would like more information regarding Home Care Packages, please contact our friendly team on 6117 3050.