An open letter from Dr Nicky Howe, CEO Southcare

The challenges of the last fortnight have proven we are more than equipped to manage a local COVID-19 outbreak without compromising service.  As many of you would have seen, following news of the outbreak, we immediately deployed the next phase of our COVID-19 plan and continued essential services by:

  • Providing masks to all Southcarers
  • Providing additional Personal Protective Equipment to home care workers
  • Screening all customers before entering homes and only entering if customers were 100% well and had no contact with the potential risk sites (provided by Healthy WA) or anyone who displayed COVID-19 symptoms
  • Providing shop-by-list services and transport to customer via them sitting in the back seat of the car
  • Temporarily ceasing Home Care Coordinator visits
  • Temporarily closing our offices and encouraging office-based staff to work from home
  • Only accepting cash payments
  • Temporarily closing our Op Shop, cancelling all external events at Southcare buildings and conducting online appointments for Emergency Relief, Financial Counselling and Aboriginal Family Support
  • Regularly cleaning our office, practising physical distancing and personal hygiene

The State Government has now lifted transitional restrictions, and we’ve put in action our pre-lockdown COVID-19 plan. As we look to the future and re-open our office doors, we will continue to protect and connect by:

  • Screening all customers on arrival for a service by asking the questions to ensure health and no contact with those displaying COVID-19 symptoms
  • Practising safe physical distancing and appropriate personal hygiene
  • Using contact tracing at all Southcare premises including temperature checks
  • Delivering ongoing COVID-19 training as appropriate
  • Keeping our COVID-19 management plan in place

As always, I invite any questions from you regarding the way we do business and can be contacted on the details below. 

In the meantime, you can follow our COVID-19 update page, stay up-to-date on Facebook or get in touch. 

Dr Nicky Howe
Chief Executive Officer
6117 3050 

 12 February 2021