Whether it’s help around your home or in the garden, a lift to the shops or appointments, meeting your mobility goals, respite for your carer or the perfect coffee shop companion – we’re here to help you live your life and do what makes you happy.

So, what do you choose?

More time to solve crosswords, or to read, or knit, or dance? Or exploring new places, spending time with friends, drinking coffee or finding the latest bargains?

With help from Southcare, you can be free to live your best life.

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Noreen’s fiercely independent and loves a good chat. 

But with age and limited mobility, the everyday household tasks are too much. Determined to stay in her home of 20+ years, Noreen chooses weekly visits from Southcare to help keep her independent and happy at home.

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Shirley’s the creative type.

From the sewing machine to the dance floor, almost anything goes! Shirley chooses fortnightly support from Southcare to help keep her mind and body active, and her house clean too!

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Richard’s adventurous spirit keeps him young.

Keen to keep his mind sharp and his life social, Richard enjoys his weekly visits from Southare who help him get out of the house, drive to appointments and explore the best things in life so he can stay independent and happy at home.

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The choice is yours

Reach out to discover the many options available and let us help you live your best life, so you can stay healthy and live independently at home.