The power to change lives is in your hands.

Connection with others help reduce elder abuse and mental, emotional and physical decline. Loneliness and social isolation have been linked to:

  • mental illness, emotional distress and suicide
  • hypertension and high blood pressure
  • poor sleep and immune function
  • the development of dementia
  • premature death

One simple act of kindness can change everything!


Share the love and your act of kindness this #caringhandsday

Take up the challenge

Do an act of kindness

Almost 40% of older people need help getting out and about or doing things around the home.

Reach out to an elderly person in your life – relative, neighbour, someone you haven’t met yet – to say hello, do something for or with them. The smallest gesture can make a huge difference.  So, what will you do?

Inspire me!

Do an act of giving

A gift to Southcare means we can keep on caring for our community, like we have done since 1982.

Your donation helps combat loneliness and social isolation by helping us to provide a range of in-home aged care and community support services. Just like every hand, every donation makes a difference.

Give now

What will you do this Caring Hands Day?

Getting involved is easy and we’ve used our caring hands to share some ideas. Pick one. Pick a few.
But whatever you do, inspire others and share your act of kindness using #caringhandsday.


Act of Kindness by calling someone

Pick up the phone

Check in and say hello to your parents, grandparents, an elderly neighbour or any loved one. Talk, listen, connect and care.

Act of Kindness of helping someone around the home

Help around the home

Go shopping for someone. Cook a meal. Do housework. Mow a lawn. Change a lightbulb. It may only be a little thing, but it can put a big smile on someone’s face.

Do something together by getting out of the home

Connect out of home

Discover a new cafe, go on a day trip, catch a movie, visit an art gallery… escape the four walls that many stay in everyday.

Do something together

Do something together

Go for a walk, go fishing, do some gardening, learn a new hobby… find out what they enjoy and share your time with them.

Pay it forward by giving someone flowers

Pay it forward

Make someone’s day!  Buy them flowers, pay for their shopping, shout them a cuppa or fill their tank (and see how it fills yours too!).

Do an act of giving - donate

Do an act of giving

Give your time and expertise to a local charity. Or donate to our Op Shop or to Southcare to make a difference to someone. If you want to help us help others, volunteer at Southcare or make a donation.

Share your act of kindness with others

Share your act of kindness.

Inspire others and help us start to the conversation by sharing your act of kindness on your socials using #caringhandsday.

Use your caring hands to give

A donation to Southcare means we can continue using our caring hands looking after others, as we have done since 1982.

The power is in your hands. Let’s end loneliness and social isolation. Together.

Reach out to us.