Aboriginal Family Services History

Southcare acknowledges the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional owners of the land on which our buildings stand. We pay our respects and Southcare respectfully recognises Elders past, present and future for they carry the cultural wisdom, stories and traditions of the Aboriginal people.

Southcare’s service in the Aboriginal community began in 1982 with our emergency assistance program which provided food parcels, clothing and blankets to Aboriginal people living in the local community in Karawara, Western Australia.

Soon after, Aboriginal Elders established a regular meeting place one day a week at our Social Centre. This continuing connection created a mutual desire for a deeper partnership with the Aboriginal people and the local Aboriginal community, and the Aboriginal Family support service program we offer clients living in indigenous communities was born.

According to the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Aboriginal population of the City of South Perth, Western Australia numbers 532 people. This represents 1.3% of the City’s population with the majority of Aboriginal people living in Manning, Karawara and Kensington. Research undertaken on behalf of local South Perth Aboriginal community group Moorditj Keila identified that while this population is small in number, the needs of these Aboriginal families and community members (such as health care and community support services) are high and complex, requiring a support service program tailored to these specific needs.

Promoting Social and Emotional Wellbeing In Our Local Community

With this in mind, Southcare has worked hard in the development of services to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our local community and the Perth metropolitan area.

Southcare is committed and proud to work in partnership with the local Aboriginal community to help promote health and wellbeing while building strong individuals, families and communities. We acknowledge the culture, pride, rights and specific needs of the Aboriginal people in our service delivery and in our workplace culture and spaces.

What Aboriginal community services does Southcare offer?

Our Aboriginal Family Support service offers information, education, support, advocacy, wellbeing and referral services to Aboriginal families and single people living in Como, Karawara, Kensington, Manning, Salter Point, South Perth and Waterford in Perth, Western Australia.

The service is welcoming and led by a Noongar person from Perth with a wealth of experience helping indigenous families and working in social services.

Services include:

  • Helping you manage during difficult times & challenges in your life, provide emergency relief, health advice and support
  • Working with you to identify and avoid crisis situations
  • Communicating with Government departments, Government agencies and community agencies on your behalf to promote and protect the rights and needs of Aboriginal families, women and children in Western Australia
  • Supporting and help you in times of hardship with basic necessities such as health care, food and clothing
  • Supporting and assist you with housing issues and tenancies
  • Providing moral support so that you can achieve healthy living, educational goals and a better quality of life
  • Providing information and referring you to specialised services to assist you further
  • Helping you to strengthen, support and promote your personal, cultural, family relationships and community connections through cultural and family services
  • Linking you to local South Perth Aboriginal Community group Moorditj Keila to participate in community events
  • Free social and emotional wellbeing services, Mental health support services and the recommendation of local health service providers

We can also assist with:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Problems Parenting and Relationships
  • Financial Counselling Program
  • Eviction
  • Clothing
  • Social
  • Family Violence involving women, children and family members
  • Medical & Health Services – Mental health, recommending health professionals and Aboriginal health workers, disability assistance for people afflicted with a disability, local health service providers and free health advice
  • Legal service providers
  • Some Household Goods and Furniture
  • Education services
  • Advocacy Services
  • Aboriginal Community Services Perth, Western Australia

For more information regarding the range of health care, referral services and support services we offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in our local community, reach out to Southcare on 08 6117 3028.

We can assist in other ways too.  Please also reach out if you need specialist support, including free help from our Financial Counselling or Emergency Relief teams.  Our caring hands are always here to help.