Getting help is easy once you raise your hand.

Emergency relief is available free of charge to residents of the City of South Perth.  Visit our team between 10am – 1pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for a confidential appointment and let our caring hands help you.

You will meet in private with one of our team, explaining your situation and verifying your address.  If you meet the criteria, you can have immediate access to:

  • Food vouchers – redeem vouchers of a set value at local shops or take food (non-perishable items and bread) from our offices. Bread is available after 9.30am every Wednesday.
  • Clothing and housing items – redeem vouchers of a set value for clothing or housing items including plates, crockery, glassware and linen from Southcare’s Op Shop.
  • Assistance with an outstanding account (e.g. accommodation costs, medical expenses, service and utility accounts).  Southcare can pay the account on your behalf.
  • Where appropriate, we may refer you to Southcare’s financial counselling service, and/or other appropriate Government and community support services in Western Australia.

If you live outside of the South Perth area, we may be able to refer you or your family to emergency relief assistance services, businesses, organisations and providers closer to you, or to the local council in your community who may be able to assist.

When visiting, please bring your current identification showing your address in South Perth, Manning, Como, Salter Point, Karawara, Waterford or Kensington. No appointment is needed and customers will be seen in order of arrival.