Using your caring hands to donate to Southcare means we can continue the essential work we have been doing since 1982.

Donations have a direct impact on improving the lives of our most vulnerable:

  • Vouchers so families can buy food or clothing, under the supervision of our Financial Counsellor and Emergency Relief teams
  • Pay bills and living expenses (e.g. accommodation costs, medical fees, utility accounts) to assist customers’ with debit, with the approval of our Financial Counsellor
  • Access to services that are not available through regular funded programs meeting individuals needs in a sensitive and consultative manner
  • Support to those who are disadvantaged by age, sickness, handicap, unemployment, poverty, social or familial stress or other circumstances and assist them to increase their control of the circumstances in which they find themselves;
  • Culturally appropriate and sensitive services for Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse people in the community to develop their knowledge, confidence and skills

Last year we helped 1,446 people with community support, 1,108 customers with in-home care, 948 people with emergency relief, and waived more than $30,000 of debt for those in financial crisis.   

 Your gift helps people like this father who gave up work to care for his three children after his partner was imprisoned; and this mother who was living in a garage with her two teenage children, which had detrimental effects for everyone’s wellbeing and the children’s schooling and development.  

 Thank you for using your caring hands to make a difference to someone’s life and to the community. 

As one final act of giving, we would love you to share Southcare’s story with others in the event they have caring hands that might like to donate too.   On behalf of the Southcare Board, Southcarers, volunteers and the people you are helping, we say thank you. 

Any donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Yes!  I would love to use my caring hands to make a difference by making a donation today!

Leave a gift in your will

A bequest is the gift of a lifetime and a wonderful way of extending your help and touching the future lives of others in an empowering way.  Ask your solicitor to include a bequest when making or revising your will. If you already have a will, you can include a gift to Southcare by adding a codicil.

If you are considering this, the following steps may help:

  • Make the decision that you would like to leave a bequest to Southcare.
  • Consider what the bequest will be. Bequests may be made as money, property, assets or a percentage of your estate.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your decision with Southcare.
  • Speak to your lawyer about including your wishes in your will.