Our caring hands can help you in lots of ways… for you, around your home and in your community. Our home care services are prepared based on your assessed and approved care needs and to meet your personal goals.  It is care your way to allow you to live your best life.

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Our caring hands can help you with everything from:

Personal care

Live and feel your best with a helping hand from our team including showering, personal grooming, dressing/undressing, continence management, medication and mobility in and out of bed.

Home help

While you are living your best life, you also want your home to look it’s best too!  Our caring hands can help you around your home with everyday tasks like vacuuming, mopping, washing, ironing, making or changing the bed, general cleaning and rubbish collection, meal preparation and putting away groceries.

Social support

Stay active and connected to your community with a helping hand from us.  Let us drive you to appointments, help with shopping, pay bills and provide social support over a cuppa.  We love hearing your hobbies and interests too, just let us know and our caring hands will help you enjoy those too!


We understand your role as a carer is very important, and also know that everyone needs a rest from time to time. If you are the primary carer of a loved one, we can offer you support by giving you a short break to recharge yourself and do things independently. If you have appointment to attend, an outing planned or simply need some time alone to relax let us help.  We can also provide personal care, help around your home and companionship and social support if you need.

Aids and equipment

Independence and safety go hand-in-hand and our caring hands can help you with in-home aids like mobility equipment (walkers and walking sticks), housing aids (support rails or home modifications), technology support and devices, personal safety and medical alarms or any other aid in line with your approved care needs.

Specialised support

Our caring hands are trained in many areas and if you need support with dementia care or clinical/registered nursing services such as nursing reviews, wounds management, catheter care, welfare checks and the full suite of comprehensive nursing assessments, just reach out.

What in-home care or support do you need the most?

Reach out for a free consultation on what best suits you in line with your assessed and approved care needs, and let our caring hands help you stay healthy and independent in your own home.

If you currently receive services from another provider, we’re happy to provide a free comparison to ensure you are getting the best care and value for money.

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