Shop at our Op Shop

Our op shop is of course a place to shop, but is also a place to gather for social support as well as a place to help others with donations.  You could call it a community op shop where people come together to thrift, gift and uplift each other!  While we might not be as big as the mainstream charity shops in Perth, we are big on heart and helping you find new homes for second hand clothes, homewares and more.

We have a range of pre-loved clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares (crockery, cutlery, towels, linen and household decoration) and are the only charity shop in the City of South Perth.

Our community op shop is managed by the caring hands of volunteers, just like it was when it first started in 1982.

Want to make a difference?  You can when you shop at our op shop because the funds raised help us continue our essential community support work for residents in the City of South Perth.

Our Op Shop is open Monday-Thursday (excluding Monday public holidays) between 10am-2.30pm.


What to donate

We gratefully accept donations of clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares that are in line with our “thumbs up and thumbs down” rule including items that are:

  • washed
  • undamaged
  • in full working order
  • something that you’d be proud to give to a friend
  • Please don’t donate items that are:
  • electrical
  • furniture (including mattresses)
  • stained or mouldy
  • cracked, chipped, ripped or broken
  • incomplete or have missing pieces
  • rubbish…. best you place that in your bin.

Please note we can only accept donations of second-hand clothes and other items during our opening hours and we do not have a donation bin on site.

From time-to-time we put the request to our community to open their hearts and homes with donation drives for specific items due to a high demand by customers in crisis.  We share details of what items are needed or available to thrift so you can do your op shopping online before you visit in store.  Follow our Facebook page to see requests and updates.


Come say hello!

Our thrift shop is open Monday-Thursday between 10am–2.30pm (excluding Monday public holidays), with donations only accepted during this time. Find us at 54 Bickley Crescent, Manning.  Free parking is available at the door.  Come say hello when you next shop in South Perth!