No Response Process

The process below is for Home Care Workers encountering a no response scenario from a client.

All Home Care Workers and Volunteers must ensure that;

  1. You are at the service/visit during the specific allocated time (Not early)
  2. You have knocked loudly and have allowed enough time for the customer to get to the door
  3. Try calling the customer (contact number available on the visit information on Alayacare)
  4. If there is no reply, the Home Care Worker / volunteer should check the house windows to ascertain if the customer is home but is unable to get to the door. Please take note of the following:
    • Is there a car in the carport?
    • Are there any lights on in the house?
    • Can you hear anything from inside the house?
    • Are there any side windows you can look through to see if you can visualize the client?

If an employee/volunteer attends a customer’s home and does not get an answer after completing the steps above, the following steps should be taken:

    • Stay at the client’s home while checking the windows for at least 15 minutes.
    • Contact the No Response Line on 08 9436 3446


To read the full 7.18 No Response Policy and Procedure click here.


Created by: Arif Abdul Mushir

Created date: 1 June 2023