Today I am sure you will join with me in welcoming the news of returning to our pre-lockdown conditions, or as others sometimes call it: the “new normal”.  Remember here at Southcare, we call it “our extraordinary” because why be normal when you can be extraordinary?

I want to stress that while we have reverted to “business as extraordinary” we are very much still actively keeping our COVID-19 Response Plan in place.  That means ongoing vigilance and added safeguards for staff, volunteers and customers as we continue to use our caring hands to protect and connect. 

And while we excitedly welcome this news, it is also a sombre day as we watch the news coming out of NSW with their community outbreak.  Our hearts are with them as they navigate this time. 

The following confirms our position moving forward (pending ongoing health advice): 

  • Care for our customers continues as planned (unless they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, or someone who has been identified through contact tracing and the Safe WA app). Please note, still ask the necessary screening questions and follow all personal hygiene requirements.    
  • Our office is once again fully open to staff, volunteers and visitors to our main building as well as Community Services building for Emergency Relief, Financial Counselling, Aboriginal Family Support and the Op Shop, which will re-open on 13 July  
  • Cash payments are once again being accepted 
  • Regular cleaning of the office will continue  
  • We continue with appropriate personal hygiene    


Contact tracing remains in place at all Southcare offices using both the online and SafeWA sign in registers as well as temperature checks.  We advocate all Southcarers to scan in when out in the community and continue to audit Southcarers whereabouts in relation to the confirmed exposure sites.  

Thanks again for your continued support.  As always, I invite any questions from you regarding the way we do business and can be contacted on the details below.    

In the meantime, you can follow our COVID-19 update page, stay up-to-date on Facebook or get in touch.    

Dr Nicky Howe (she, her, hers)
Chief Executive Officer
6117 3050

12 July 2021