Every day over the last 40 years we have used our caring hands to help people in their homes and our community and once a year we recognise extraordinary efforts with annual awards for excellence. 

The “Living the Southcare Values Awards” is now in its 11th year to acknowledge and celebrate those Southcarers who demonstrate our five values of “Quality, Respect, Integrity, Cooperation and Empathy”. 

Because our caring hands work all over the business, the awards are shared that way too and this year we acknowledge the following champions: 

  • Community Support Worker Kanthi Rupasinghe who works directly with customers providing personal care, medication management, social support and welfare checks, always with kindness and grace and a smile on her face! 
  • Senior Customer Service Officer Nicola McKinnon who is a ray of sunshine talking to our customers on the phone everyday setting appointments as well as organising the rosters of our frontline team ensuring customers always receive the best hands-on care 
  • Administrative Assistant Ashleigh Nicholson who manages our volunteer team, organises ongoing training for Southcarers and helps recruit and induct new Southcarers ensuring the continuity of high level of care we are known for  

A volunteer who embodies the values of our longest serving volunteer Helen Moore, is also recognised.  Helen gave 32 years to Southcare and helped start the essential work we do 1982, and the annual award is named in her honour.  

This year the Helen Moore Leadership and Service Award is presented to John Faulkner who has given his time freely since 2017 in our Emergency Relief team helping customers with immediate financial, food and clothing assistance.  Over the last 5 years, he has helped thousands of customers through troubled times always with an empathetic ear and welcoming smile. 

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said the awards highlighted the importance of selflessness in a multi-faceted industry that is equal parts demanding, challenging and rewarding. 

“Over the last 11 years we have recognised many Southcarers for the work they do with these awards, and indeed over the last 40 years we have long celebrated the great work done by so many,” Dr Howe said. 

“As an essential service, we have very high standards for our customers and community and it’s why we have high performing teams in a culture that is positive and driven for the greater good.” 

If you have caring hands and would like to join the team, we would love to hear from you. 

Register your interest by emailing HR@southcare.org.au telling us why you have caring hands and how you can make a difference everyday.