“Just brilliant!” is how Southcare Star Daphne describes Domestic Assistant Liam, who visits her at home once a fortnight in line with her assessed and approved care needs. 

Others have said he is a “very nice young man,” “easy to talk to,” “very thorough,” “friendly” and a “consistently hard worker.” 

As Daphne tells us, she wasn’t sure at first when she opened the door to see a male home care worker, having always had females visit her at home to do essential tasks. 

“Of course, I welcomed him in, and was pleasantly surprised at how great he was and now look forward to our regular catch ups, because chatting together when he visits is part of it, too!” she says.  

Being a diverse and equitable workplace, Southcare values all staff regardless of gender.  

Chief Executive Officer Enda Fahy says while the realm of caregiving has traditionally been seen as a female dominated role, Southcare is happy to break that stereotype. 

“Male carers provide another dimension to both our female and male customers and their social and physical support is appreciated in different ways. 

Of course, the quality of the work they do is in line with the same standards all of our Community Home Care team are trained to do, so you can always be sure of an excellent job whenever we come knocking at your door! 

If you welcome Liam into your home, ask him about his background in South Africa, his super-healthy eating habits and even modelling in the latest Southcare marketing campaign! 


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