Today is International Women’s Day and the theme is “Choose to Challenge”. 


With the events of the last 12 months and the one-year anniversary since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic on 11 March, we are choosing to embrace the challenge and use that as a learning as we continue to use our caring hands to protect and connect. 


Southcare Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe has spoken with the team at Oasis People and Culture on a new podcast called “Collective Leadership and the Long Haul” which refers to the challenges of COVID-19, empowering staff, the importance of transparency and Nicky’s own leadership style and CEO journey 


“Effective leadership requires empowerment – both of yourself and others so everyone can collectively contributeespecially in times of challenge,” Dr Howe said. 


Sharing knowledge through these podcasts is also a great way to empower others and inspire change, not just in turbulent times but in our everyday life so that we can continue to make a difference in the work we choose to do and what we choose to advocate for.  


“Afterall, no one wants to leave their soul at home and then go to work – combining the two is the key,” she said. 


You can listen to the podcast here and learn more about their ongoing series: 


How will you choose to challenge this year? 


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