Southcare’s Community Support team helps with emergency relief, financial counselling and Aboriginal Family Support.  This is a real life example of a customer that we helped and names have been changed for privacy reasons…

Ms Y is a single parent living in a garage with her two teenage children, an arrangement which was having an extremely negative impact on the family, particularly on the children’s schooling and development. She was supported by Southcare to explore various alternative accommodation options which included making a priority housing application with the Housing Authority. Ms Y was also given encouragement and counsel to not give up on applying for private housing (even though there was little chance due to high demand and increasingly unaffordable rental prices).

Eventually, Ms Y secured a safe three-bedroom unit, much to her delight and gratitude. She later wrote to Southcare: “I just want to let you know I have secured a safe three-bedroom unit for me and my kids. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support through my hardship. You gave me so much support, going out of your way to help. I’m doing much better and couldn’t be happier in all my life. The kids and I are all settled in our new home.”

What support do you need the most? Our caring hands are always ready to help.  Please reach out if you need.