You know our caring hands do lots of things and in the case of Community Support Worker Jen, they are especially crafty and environmentally friendly!

Jen has made this fabulous quilted blanket by hand over many, many months and calls it her “landfill quilt” because it has been made from recycled and repurposed materials, including some donated from our Southcare Stars.

“When I visit customers for social support or respite services in line with their approved care needs, our chat often turns to a show and tell of photos on my phone and soon enough we find a common interest,” Jen says.

“Many are sewers and have scraps of fabric they no longer need so I have repurposed those into this colourful creation, plus using my own, so it’s made from lots of different influences and speaks to many people!

Jen has been quilting for about 8 years, first starting when she joined Southcare.

“Customers teach me, and I teach them, it’s a mutual thing and a wonderful way to connect.

Thanks, Jen for using your caring hands!