Southcare is hosting a brand new “Move your body” workshop and we would love you to attend.  

Wednesday 20 March 2024
10am – 11am
Southcare John Hardwick Centre (Community Hall)
19 Pether Road (corner Bickley Crescent) Manning
Free street parking available

Run by the fabulous team at Injury Matters, this free workshop will show you how to build your strength and improve your balance by moving your body. Keeping active and agile is one of the best ways to prevent falls.   

Join us and discover:  

  • The importance of balance and leg strength 
  • The factors that can affect balance and leg strength 
  • Exercises that you can do to challenge your balance and improve your leg strength 
  • The health professionals that can help you build your balance and strengthen your legs 

Coinciding with International Day of Happiness, this is a great opportunity to move, connect and be happy!  

As we age, our strength and balance declines but doesn’t have to. Being unwell, less active, and muscle, bone and joint weakness can all impact your strength and balance as we get older. Staying active and doing exercises which strengthen our legs and challenge our balance daily will prevent balance declining and help keep you strong.

Good balance and strong legs prevent slips, trips and falls. You use your strength and balance daily for everyday activities like walking, getting out of chairs and playing with your grandkids.   Trips can happen, but improving your strength and balance helps you to react safely and avoid a fall.

All customers and support workers are welcome to attend this workshop. There is no cost and morning tea will be provided.

Reserve your spot by registering online via Humantix or contact Team Marketing at or call 9450 6233.

We look forward to moving with you!