Wearing a pendant is a bit like being a modern day Wonderwoman says Southcare Star Maria, who lives in South Perth.

Maria lives alone and wears her pendant for extra protection and safety. “If I have a fall, I know I will be OK,’ Maria says.

The pendant is programmed with three of Maria’s emergency contacts, the number for the ambulance, and includes a GPS which tracks Maria’s location.

“If anything happened to me while in the garden or catching up with friends, an alert is triggered on the pendant and my contacts are immediately called so they can quickly provide the help I need.

It took Southcare a matter of minutes to help source the pendant for Maria and then set it up.

“My pendant is the first thing I put on when I wake,” Maria says. “The only time I don’t wear it is in the shower or when I’m sleeping.

“I’ve had two bouts of cancer, both knees replaced, I’m diabetic and have arthritis. Wearing this pendant is an added layer of reassurance as I age.

“The best part is that the pendant was free through my Community Home Support Program (CHSP) service and everything was set up by Southcare.

“I’ve referred my friends to it too, so we can be Wonderwomen together!”

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