Southcare’s already robust governance has been strengthened with the appointment of acting Nurse Manager Kathryn Boon as Board Trainee.

Chief Executive Officer Enda Fahy welcomed the appointment saying it was a deliberate decision to enhance the overall customer experience by integrating Kathryn’s clinical expertise and advocacy into the heart of Southcare’s leadership.

“From 1 December 2023, all aged care boards are required to have a clinical representative as part of the new aged care reforms and this appointment adds to the existing clinical experience on the board and is just one of the many actions we have taken to be reform ready,” Mr Fahy said.

While Kathryn’s clinical skillset is valuable, she also brings advocacy, awareness and lived experience of neurodiversity.

“I have a voice and am not afraid to use it,” Kathryn says.

“I feel I have a lot to give the community; I have a lot of empathy and get great positive reinforcement when I help people, particularly since I decided to strongly advocate for ADHD awareness as I better appreciate the need for inclusion and acceptance being diagnosed with ADHD myself,” she said.

Her professional and lived experience has seen her appointed to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital’s National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards committee responsible for Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers.

She was a foundation member of Leading Youth Forward, an active member of Uni Camp for Kids and Co-Lead for Neurokin, a grassroots initiative started by the North Metropolitan Health Service, which is active across the whole of WA Health.  She is also involved with the WA Health Staff with Disabilities and Allies Network, Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital’s Climate and Sustainability Community of Practice and ADHD WA.

As a Board Trainee, Kathryn will contribute to the robust and informed discussion at ordinary and special meetings.  She joins Southcare after graduating from Leadership WA’s LeadAbility program and the Emerging Leaders in Governance Program, which she completed in 2023 as part of the young women with disability cohort.

Board Chair Veronica Lawrance said it was seemingly fated that Kathryn would be successful in her application to join the Southcare Board.

“When I was interviewing Kathryn, a colleague of hers commented that his parents currently receive care from Southcare and how they were delighted with their service and it turns out his parents also feature on the cover of the 2021/22 annual report that I left with Kathryn to review, so it was a lovely sign from the universe that this role was coming full circle,” Veronica said.

“The Board are thrilled to welcome Kathryn and nurture her as a young and valued part of the team as we all work collaboratively to deliver on Southcare’s new strategic plan and look to be reform ready.”

Outside of work and her volunteer duties, Kathryn is a busy mum to two young children.

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