Do you want to save on your electricity bill?  A new pilot program called Household Energy Efficiency Scheme can help, and the caring hands of Southcare can help refer you.

Southcare’s Financial Counsellor Duncan Edgar said the pilot is teaching people to reduce their energy usage which will, in turn, reduce the cost of their power bills. 

“Energy bills are just one of the many stressors households struggle with when they find themselves experiencing hardship,” Duncan said. 

“The cost of living right now is putting pressure on lots of families and of course energy is one of the items that is used so much in the home either to keep us warm or cool, and the associated costs of simply running a household. 

“The program will share tips and tricks that will benefit anyone who feels they need to have more financial freedom.” 

To qualify for the program, you must be a  

  • Synergy customer living in the Perth metro or Peel region 
  • be experiencing financial hardship and or 
  • on an annual income below $70,000  
  • be motivated to reduce your high energy usage at home. 

The pilot will empower households to make fundamental changes to their energy consumption and financial wellbeing.   It has dedicated “energy coaches” that will provide options and solutions to reduce energy bills by identifying and recommending improvements to appliances, household behaviours and simple ways to make changes right away,” Duncan said.

“I’d encourage anyone who meets the criteria to reach out.  Southcare can help with more information and a referral for anyone eligible. 

Call our Financial Counselling team on 9450 6233 for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your options with our accredited financial counsellor. 

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