We love a good news story, just as much as we love taking fun photos like this, particularly when both highlight the important significance of Remembrance Day. 

Over the last few months our caring hands have been busy crocheting hundreds of poppies for an installation at Royal Perth Golf Club for Remembrance Day. 

Karen (centre) is the Women’s Vice Captain of RPGC and the daughter of one of our Southcare Stars and reached out to us after reading a story on another customer who crocheted colourful flowers for her garden, thinking they might be able to help with the club’s installation. 

“The club is creating a sea of bright red poppies to cover an area outside the clubhouse as a tribute to Remembrance Day, and given each poppy is about the size of a 50c piece, I knew we needed lots of hands to help out!” Karen says. 

That’s when our knitting circle “popped” into this story and got busy creating!  

“There are now 1,200 poppies ready to be installed next month and we are so thankful for the community coming together for this cause,” Karen says. 

“We are a club that is all about people and so connecting with people through my mum, Southcare’s customers and the knitting circle really has been great,” Karen says. 

Watch this space for photos of the finished masterpiece in next month’s newsletter, and our thanks to everyone involved.