An early Christmas present has been delivered to Southcare with the news that our caring hands are once again fully compliant with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

This follows a vigorous audit and review across every aspect of our business which included interviews with staff, customers and next of kin by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, as well as a review of policies, procedures and governance.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said the audit left no stone unturned and receiving the good news in Southcare’s 40th anniversary year made it all the more special.

“We always welcome these independent reviews as our team live and breathe quality in everything we do every day… it is one of our values, afterall!” Dr Howe said.

“This result is incredibly important as it thoroughly tests how our team provides essential services for our customers under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Packages levels 1-4,” she said.

“It also validates our robust recruitment and training programs because we carefully select candidates that align with our values and provide a positive environment for our team to continually flourish so that our customers can live their best lives too,” she said.

Southcare was assessed against the eight industry standards, with the results as follows:

  • Standard 1 Consumer dignity and choice – Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 2. Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers – Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 3 Personal care and clinical care- Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 4. Services and supports for daily living – Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 5. Organisational Service Environment – Not assessed as services are not delivered by Southcare in a residential aged care or a senior’s social centre
  • Standard 6 Feedback and complaints – Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 7 Human resources – Assessed as compliant
  • Standard 8 Organisational governance – Assessed as compliant

The assessment report prepared by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission also stated that there were no specific areas identified which improvements need to be made to ensure compliance with the standards.

The results of Southcare’s performance report is published on the Aged Care Quality Commission website.

Dr Nicky Howe encouraged everyone to review the findings and to provide their own response.

“We listen to our customers every day and proactively seek feedback. You can have your say by completing this feedback form or calling the office on 9450 6233.