A new Board and Board Chair has been announced to help guide the strategic direction of Southcare on the eve of its 40th anniversary.  

Veronica Lawrance has been appointed as the new Chair, taking over from John Dodman, who has stepped down after 10 years of service, six as the Board Chair. 

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said the new Board would be the catalyst for ongoing change as the for-purpose organisation proactively navigates and manages some high-profile issues and responsibilities as an essential service. 

“In this new era of protection and connection we are managing COVID-19, recruitment of skilled workers, the ever-present need to provide services for our ageing population and national budget shortfalls when it comes to appropriate care,” Dr Howe said. 

“We are grateful for a strong Board that can continue to work closely with our Executive Leadership Team to deliver strong results for our customers and our business.” 

Veronica is an experienced Director who has sat on many not-for-profit boards, served as a Councillor for the City of South Perth, is active at the Rotary Club of Mill Point and is currently undertaking her PhD. 

“Veronica brings a wealth of knowledge about governance, leadership, marketing and public relations and will be an asset for Southcare and the community as she is skilled in connecting like-minded groups that are aligned with our vision and purpose for mutual benefit,” Dr Howe said. 

“Veronica joined the Southcare Board in 2016 and has served as Deputy Chair since 2019, so we are in good stead under her stewardship, and I look forward to working with her and the entire Board moving forward. 

The full Board is as follows: 


Veronica Lawrance – Independent Member  

Other Nominations  

William Marshall – Independent Member 

Ashley Dawson – Independent Member

Miguel Gomez – Independent Member

Mario Gomes – Independent Member

Luke Mitchell – Independent Member 

Jane Wetherall – Independent Member

Ben See – Independent Member  

Office Bearer Position Nominations   

William Marshall – Deputy Chair   

Ashley Dawson – Treasurer

Miguel Gomez – Secretary 

Dr Howe thanked previous Chair John Dodman, who she credits with helping shape Southcare to a more customer-centric organisation, improving its financial viability and expanding the Board’s capability with good governance through recruiting a group of Board Director’s with diverse skills, knowledge, capabilities and backgrounds.  

“It has been a pleasure to work with John for the last decade and see Southcare go from strength to strength with the values and purpose of what we are collectively doing always held at the forefront,” Dr Howe said. 

“I wish him every success and know that wherever he chooses to offer his skills and time, they will be all the richer. 

Southcare’s Annual General Meeting was held on 26 October 2021.  You can download a copy of the 2020/21 Annual Report here.