We always treat our customers likes royalty and in the case of Emily Regan, who worked at Southcare as a Home Care Worker while completing her nursing degree, this rings true in more ways than one. 

You see, Emily is on the guest list for King Charles III’s Coronation this weekend. 

She has been invited following her work on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic in London and is one of just 14 Australians to be invited. 

And in another fabulous parallel, Emily is the niece of our CEO Dr Nicky Howe, so this is a story of two amazing families, the importance of helping people and making an impact around the world.  

31-year-old Emily moved to London a few years ago and works for the UK’s National Health Service in the accident and emergency department of a major London hospital. 

She studied here in Perth at Curtin University and approached Southcare for a placement to gain industry experience and skills-based learning before graduating. 

Getting hands on, practical experience with Southcare was invaluable,” Emily said. 

Southcare was my first experience of working in a caring role. I learnt the importance of providing holistic support to people at home, keeping people connected with community and maintaining as much of their  independence as possible. All of which I’ve drawn on throughout my years of nursing, and which became even more important during the pandemic when people were so isolated,” she said. 

Southcare’s flexible working culture supports all students, with rostering and training scheduled to suit educational requirements, while also meeting the requirements of our customers. 

Well done, Emily! While Southcare’s 41-year history isn’t as long as the Royal Family’s, we love this connection and being a part of history! Perhaps Emily will change her surname from Regan to Regal for the occasion! 

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